Preschool Partnership - EES and VUSD

For over 10 years, EES has maintained a flourishing partnership with Vista Unified School District. We provide preschool experiences to children on 11 Vista Unified Elementary School campuses as well as at three full day child development centers in Vista. Within this partneship, EES and VUSD aim to close the achievement gap before it opens and provide opportunities for continuous success for children and their families.

Ready for Kindergarten Celebrations!

Over 700 EES preschool students transition to Kindergarten each year. Our students continue their educational careers ready to succeed thanks to EES's outstanding teachers and staff and thanks to the generosity of community supporters, each student is also equipped with a brand new backpack. As you can see in the below videos, your support truly makes a difference!

2015 "I'm Ready for K!" Celebration in Honor of Duane Roth

2015 Celebration: A special and heartfelt thank you to the Duane Roth Legacy Foundation for providing each and every transitioning student with a "ready for school" backpack, filled with pens, pencils, crayons, notebooks, and other school essentials, as well as 5 developmentally appropriate books!

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2015 "I'm Ready for Kindergarten!" Celebration in Honor of Duane Roth

2012 Ready for K! Bill Walton and DA Bonnie Dumanis Give Backpacks to EES's Future Kindergarteners  

2011 Ready for K! Bill Walton Gives Backpacks to EES's Future Kindergartners

2010 Ready for K! Bill Walton and Deni and Jeff Jacobs Give Backpacks to EES's Future Kindergarteners

2009 Ready for K Celebration: Backpacks for EES's Future Kindergarteners

Altruism and Education: High Tech High and EES Making a Difference in Linda Vista (2015)

On June 4, 2015, EES Jeff and Deni Jacobs Child Development Center Preschool students joined Councilmember Scott Sherman and other community leaders to thank McClendon/Ruff 9th grade students from The Gary and Jerri-Ann Jacobs High Tech High (HTH) for donating skateboards they built in their physics class to the new skatepark being built in Linda Vista. The HTH students spent a semester learning about altruism, building the skateboards and volunteering at community programs such as the EES Jeff and Deni Jacobs Child Development Center. The Linda Vista Skatepark is set to open in 2017, to be used by graduates from EES and other community youth for generations to come.

EES Partnership

EES has forged a successful partnerships with Vista Unified School District and San Marcos Unified School District that prepares students for success in kindergarten and beyond.

Vista Unified School District

San Marcos Unified School District

Jeff and Deni Jacobs: A Family Tradition of Giving 

The Jacobs family have for years been dedicated supporters of Educational Enrichment Systems. Hear Deni and Jett Jacobs talk about what it means to give back to San Diego's needy families. 

Click HERE to learn more about EES donation opportunities and our Ensuring the Future Campaign, chaired by Deni Jacobs. 

EES Traditions: Thanksgiving Baskets and Holiday Gift Giving

Thanks to generous donations from EES friends and supporters, our neediest families are provided with a Thanksgiving basket, filled to the rim with enough food items for a complete meal as well as a gift certificate for a turkey or ham.  Additionally, each and every EES student receives a holiday gift. As you can see in the below videos, your support truly makes a difference.


Bill Walton Call to Action: Support Quality Early Education Centers!