United Way Grants Nearly $2 Million to Four Community Partnerships

SAN DIEGO (May 22, 2015) – United Way of San Diego County is granting nearly $2 million to four community partnerships that are working collectively to help the youngest San Diegans and their families.  

EES is excited to be included in these partnerships and a key partner of the Linda Vista Kindergarten Network.

Linda Vista Kindergarten Readiness Network
Led by: Jewish Family Service
Serving: Linda Vista, Central San Diego
This group will help establish family support hubs at early education sites in Linda Vista and work to help children and families successfully transition from preschool to kindergarten.

These networks were awarded the grants based on their commitment to using a “Collective Impact” framework – a proven, more effective way to solve complex social issues. Each partnership brings together approximately 20 nonprofits, health providers, schools, government, businesses and other community-based organizations to support key issues, including getting children ready for kindergarten and reading at grade-level, as well as family stability and health. Numerous research studies prove these are critical issues linked to high school graduation rates and students’ continued success.

“We believe multiple organizations effectively working together can always do better than one,” said United Way President and CEO Kevin Crawford. “United Way’s role will be to fund these community partnerships, while also providing our expertise in convening large groups around common goals, taking a hard look at data and building the infrastructure to make it all work. We want to support children outside the classroom, so that they are best prepared to learn inside the classroom.”

United Way is focused on making investments that lead to long-term success. These grants and support will help grow the partnerships over 18 months, starting in July 2015, and each partnership has a plan to continue efforts beyond the initial funding period to best serve their communities.

United Way’s Collective Impact work has included its oversight of the Partnership for Children in City Heights and Vista; creation of the Project 25 pilot program for the homeless; and support of the Chula Vista Promise Neighborhood, Diamond Educational Excellence Partnership (DEEP) and the Military Family Collaborative.

Funding for the grants was made possible from the support of companies around San Diego County, including AT&T, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, GEICO, NASSCO, Solar Turbines, UPS and many others. 

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