The EES Child Development Center is a full-day, year round school for students ages 18 months to 2 years of age. Our caring and skilled staff empower children to enter the classroom experience through hands-on play and our educational programs nurture the whole child through an integrated curriculum and students are guided through developmentally appropriate learning experiences that emphasize school-readiness. 

The collaboration of home, school, and community increases the quality of the total program. Parent participation plays a large role in our programs because we recognize that the family has the most influence on a child's growth and ability to learn.  We host regular events for parents and children to supplement our classroom curriculum.  Our staff also has access to a variety of resources and support services available to parents.

Student Assessment: DRDP

EES teaching staff take detailed notes of a child’s progress, both through routine observation and on a more structured basis using the Desired Results Developmental Profile (2015): A Developmental Continuum from Early Infancy to Kindergarten Entry [DRDP (2015)]. The DRDP (2015) is an assessment instrument developed by the California Department of Education for young children and their families.

The Eight Domains of the DRDP (2015)

The DRDP (2015) is made up of eight crucial areas of learning and development for children.

  1. Approaches to Learning- Self-Regulation

  2. Social and Emotional Development 

  3. Language and Literacy Development 

  4. English-Language Development

  5. Cognition, Including Math and Science 

  6. Physical Development-Health 

  7. History-Social Science 

  8. Visual and Performing Arts