The Vista Partnership for Children (VPfC) includes multiple stakeholders supporting local youth, all gathered around one table, working toward a common goal: improving opportunities and life outcomes for all children in the region. By convening key partners – nonprofits, local government entities, school districts, teachers, parents, health and human services and other organizations – a tree has been planted in Vista that will bear fruit for all of our children.

Lead partners – including Vista Unified School District, the City of Vista, the County Health and Human Services Agency, Vista Community Clinic, the Vista Chamber of Commerce, United Way, EES, and many more –have agreed on baseline data, critical milestones and specific indicators to measure progress over time.

Now, by aligning resources, knowledge and outcomes, they are embracing collective impact, an innovative approach to solving our community’s most complex social issues.

United Way serves as the Partnership’s project manager, providing staff and resources to keep all stakeholders focused on the shared vision: to ensure healthy, well-educated children and thriving neighborhoods.  United Way staff also handles facilitation, community trainings, data analysis and other advisory functions that are critical to success.

CLICK HERE to learn more about VPfC and read the Baseline Report.

About United Way of San Diego County
By working with nonprofits, schools, businesses and community leaders, United Way of San Diego County tackles the issues that impact children and families in San Diego. The nonprofit plays a unique role, bringing the right people and resources together to spark breakthrough community action that elevates every child and family toward a brighter future. Through a Collective Impact model, United Way solves complex problems by maximizing existing community partners/resources and establishing common goals to create permanent change in the community. United Way’s efforts include anchoring the City Heights Partnership for Children and being a key partner in the upcoming Vista Partnership for Children. LIVE UNITED is a call to action for everyone to get involved by donating and volunteering. Learn more at, the blog, Facebook and Twitter.