The Governor of California signed a new State Budget prioritizing Early Childhood Education


After ten years of advocating for fair eligibility requirements, we have finally succeeded! The signed state budget this year marks a HUGE win for California families who receive subsidized childcare. Eligibility guidelines - that had not been updated for an entire decade - will finally reflect the state median income of Californians in 2017. The new budget also implements 12-month eligibility for children and families in subsidized programs.

What does this mean for our families?

This means that MORE families will qualify for the high quality care at EES. It also means that families who are currently enrolled at EES don't have to be afraid to accept raises at work, to take on extra hours, or worry about losing their childcare in the middle of the year. This new budget ensures stability for families to plan ahead, work, and continue striving for a better future without worries of volatile childcare opportunities. It also allows EES and other childcare centers to better plan and support families as they continue working and learning.

It's time to celebrate! It's also important, however, to also remember that there is always more work to be done.

Check out this parent voices article for a quick overview of the impact of the 2017 state budget.